These videos are old but noteworthy. The air purifier product landscape is brutally competitive. I worked with a client that ordered an entire container load of air purifiers from China and needed help driving sales for their product. One efficient solution: A web commercial. I borrowed a cigarette from someone and shot this video in one take. Although my video production and editing capabilities have grown since then, this example is noteworthy in the fact that the commercial accumulated over 10,000 views. In a niche where Adwords costs upwards of $5 per click, the business got a good bit of organic mileage from this effort.

Making It Real: The Behind-The-Scenes Video

BeforeĀ  I started making the air purifier video I decided that it would be worth taking the time to shoot a behind-the-scenes video demonstrating how the test was done. This short video was intended to be embedded on the site, but was not intended to be getting direct traffic through YouTube. The last I checked, this video had over 10,000 views. If people watched to the end expecting to then see a LINK to the actual video that it’s about, they would have been thoroughly confused. That confusion is apparent in the fact that the video got more “thumbs down” outnumber the “thumbs up”.

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