The founder of NetGain Associates, Inc. started making a mark on the Internet landscape during 1995, soon after the first web browser was released. With past experience in Human Resource Information System (HRIS) marketing, Andrew Angle helped launch one of Central Indiana’s first Internet Service Providers before entering the corporate world as Webmaster for one of the world’s largest map digitizing companies. After securing assets and for his employer and proposing development of a system that today would be recognized as “Google Earth”, the company’s retiring owner sold the company. That pink slip was the catalyst that launched NetGain Associates (incorporated in 1999). Over the 2 decades since then, the agency served a wide range of businesses in B2B and B2C industries. A few points for the resume include:

  • Built web sites for non-profits including the Make-A-Wish Foundation Indiana Chapter
  • Built the first auto dealer web sites in Indianapolis that included used car inventory. (Collins Automotive Group)
  • Managed official sites for RE/MAX® of Indiana region
  • Managed sites for 8 state chapters of the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), an organization that focuses on serving the top performing 5% of residential real estate agents
  • Built the online shopping cart systems used by industry leading online pharmacies
  • Managed leading B2B industrial sites, generating millions in revenues for clients
  • Built sites and guided tactical marketing for SMBs including auto dealerships, retail stores, healthcare providers, e-commerce, retail products, and lead generation businesses.

Our story

About NetGain

NGA is a full-stack marketing agency. Our holistic approach looks closely at your business to understand how you get sales online and offline, exploring each of your channels deeply to identify underutilized or overlooked methods for putting money on your bottom line. Sometimes businesses have branding issues that the owner may have felt, but was too busy with the daily grind of running the business to finally take action to fix. Other times, sales challenges might be caused by outdated thinking about how digital marketing works.

When you work with us you are working with experienced marketing professionals with a global network of talent. Our talent pool includes freelancers and agencies vetted for their ability to deliver impressive results across a myriad of skill areas.  As a result, our projects have contracted teams that built the consumer-facing front ends for several dozen Fortune 500’s, plus the software back ends for the world’s largest hotel chain. We know how to find and manage talent, how to build local or international teams, and are adept at managing projects to help your business reach its objectives. The top talent we recruit to serve your objectives are the “Associates” that represent the name sake of the NetGain Associates, Inc. brand. With two decades of service, we know a thing or two about helping businesses improve the net gain on their marketing investments.

In the digital marketing service areas we have a deep understanding of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, and we know what it is not. You can no longer engineer your way to the top of the search results. The business that you generate through your company’s web site is too critical to risk not calling NetGain Associates, Inc.

Regular business hours are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. During business hours call us at 317-534-2382. Outside of normal business hours, send us a message using our contact form.